The Spider Eye is 4 legged (spider-like) portable field microscope that is designed to quickly and easily zoom in on bugs, fossils, seeds, rocks or anything worth a closer look with up to 10 x magnification!

The four legs clip into the retracted base to allow a compact pocket-carrying design. It comes with an action carry cord over a meter long. It is also suitable as a small desktop microscope.

A wonderful addition for the adventurer or discoverer!

Spider Eye Features:

  • Spider Eye stands 11.7cm extending to 17cm
  • Slide focus mechanism up to 10 x magnification
  • It comes in various colours; Green, Yellow & Red - randomly selected
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up

Perfectly designed to quickly and easily observe up close all the wonders around us.


SKU 8045
Barcode # 8006944804515
Brand Navir
Shipping Weight 0.0700kg
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