Discover the infinity of space with the Moon Infinity Wooden Puzzle. 

This unique puzzle allows you to explore lunar geography in a new way. With no edges, it can be put together in endless ways - meaning endless fun!

The puzzle set also includes 3 special pieces - an astronaut, a space shuttle and a lunar lander.

An ideal puzzle for puzzle lovers, outer space enthusiasts or planet students and beginners!

Design based on real photographs from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and transformed into an area-preserving icosahedral map projection, you're seeing the real deal!

Laser-cut in Palenville, New York, and made in custom birch plywood, this puzzle will last a lifetime.

The puzzle contains 186 pieces and is approximately 35cm x 16cm in size when completed, a true work of art you can display!

Join the journey and travel to the moon with this one of a kind Moon Infinity Wooden Puzzle!




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