Challenge your puzzle skills with The Nautilus Wooden Puzzle!

Designed as a whorled shell and in a spiral shape, this puzzle will bend your mind as you assemble it!

Instead of a classic jigsaw puzzle, where the edges form around the outside of the puzzle, this puzzle's edges wrap into the centre.

This beautiful puzzle features a photograph of a nautilus shell and creates a wonderful piece of art once completed! Show off your puzzle talent. 

This puzzle comes with 306 pieces and is approximately 25cm x 30cm in size once completed, making this puzzle one you will want to display.

Also includes 6 intricate bonus pieces - 5 cephalopods (Octopus & Squid Family) and 1 seahorse.

A wonderfully unique gift or activity for puzzle lovers or fossil collectors.

Assemble the pieces together and enjoy the hours of fun with The Nautilus Wooden Puzzle!

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