Discover what hides inside the Break-your-own Geodes!

Geodes are round rocks that contain crystals within them. These rocks form in a variety of cool ways.

In some places, geodes form in volcanic rock. In others, they're formed in sedimentary rock.

Each geode has a composition different from any other, so no two are identical:

  • Geodes are usually spherical, but they always have a bumpy surface.
  • There might be loose material in the geode, which is evident when you shake it. You can also hit it softly with a stone to see if there's a hollow sound.
  • Geodes are usually lighter than they look because their insides have little weight.

Use a hammer and break your geode in the bag provided. The pack includes full instructions.

Discover the beautiful hidden crystals these geodes from British Fossils have to offer.

*Size and shape may vary from those shown.

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