Bring science into the kitchen with the Steam Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit!

Do over 30 amazing science experiments with everyday materials found in any ordinary kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

This Deluxe Experiment Kit has all the instructions and tips to discover and explore science, all you have to add is some basic kitchen items.

Generate electricity by using a fork, a tomato to light up a bulb, launch a rocket-fuelled by baking soda and vinegar or build a tabletop volcano that erupts with "lava" and so much more!

Budding scientists can perform educational experiments in the comfort of the home. A super cool activity kit for the young scientists!

Household items that are required, but not included are: A4 paper, old CD, books, scissors, glue, tape, paper clips, banknote, coins, ice, water, fizzy drink, vinegar, baking soda, sugar, fruit, food colouring, dish detergent, paper towel, cloth, forks, spoon, straws, toothpicks, clothes pegs, aluminium can, drinking glass, plastic water bottle, empty jar with lid, containers, measuring cup, soil, desk lamp.

Loads of scientific fun for ages 8 and up!

Release your inner scientist today and discover the fun in the world of science!


Barcode # 4893156055330
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 0.6500kg
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