Sun, rain or snow, the Super Optic Wonder is the perfect companion all year round.

Being an essential ally for any excursion! No matter where your adventures take you, the Super Optic Wonder will keep up with anything you'll need! 

Full instructions are included to familiarise you with the 10 fun and practical functions that this easy to use handheld device contains.

The functions are:

  • binoculars
  • magnifying glass
  • compass
  • magnifying mirror and observation plane
  • mirror for signals
  • heliograph
  • morse code
  • stereoscopic viewer
  • battery-powered torch
  • whistle
  • sundial

It comes with a carry cord and folds down to 5.6cm x 6cm x 11.8cm when closed.

A great addition to all venturers aged 6 and up!

Available in an assortment of colours: Red & Yellow, Black & Yellow & Blue & Yellow - randomly selected.

If you love discovery and adventures in the outdoors - you'll love this amazing multi-tool!

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