Challenge your jig-saw puzzle skills!

The stunning maze-like Agate Wooden Puzzle comes in a variety of colour choices. 

This gorgeous Agate Wooden Puzzle is inspired by the formation of agates, a colourful banded stone. Each puzzle also has a unique pattern as they are created by a computer simulation. How cool!

Please note that this design is one of the hardest to do in the puzzle range and is not well suited for beginner puzzlers. 

Though a spectacular gift for advanced puzzle lovers, geode collectors and rock enthusiasts! 

Within the approximate 180 pieces included, there are also 4 unique pieces to add to your puzzle.

Once completed the finished puzzle is approximately 21cm x 21cm in size. Definitely, a work of art worth displaying!

Currently, only 1 of each colour is in stock.  More will be available, however, these are only made to order and may take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Be a puzzle champion!






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