Do you want a new and different challenge from the puzzle world?

The Ammonite Wooden Puzzle has all the fun of a wooden puzzle with the completed piece being a beautiful ammonite fossil! 

These unique ammonite puzzles are a little bit different to your usual puzzle - what makes them unique is that the edges bend inwards and you get to work your way to the centre.

This cool puzzle is 100% wooden meaning it will last longer than regular puzzles in your collection.  

It's always good to try new things and these puzzles definitely show great ideas and a new way of thinking! 

A perfect gift or activity for puzzle lovers and fossil collectors - the whole family can enjoy the finished piece!

This puzzle comes with 117 pieces which included 2 ammonite designs making this puzzle one you will want to display.

Put the pieces together and enjoy the hours of fun with this Ammonite Wooden Puzzle! 

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